Why Do Spirits Return?

Why do spirits return?

Paranormal groups call for assistance when they have cleared a property several times, yet the disturbances keep returning. Why do spirits/disturbances return?

To help us understand why we must realize psychic disturbances are a type of energy. All things are made up of energy, and all these energies follow certain universal laws. Psychic disturbances use the “Law of Manifestation” to help them return. A person energizes this law by having continuous thought and charged emotions, either unconsciously or consciously.

A common example of the Law of Manifestation occurs when we hear it’s going to snow. We become anxious. We become obsessed. We start thinking of the idiot drivers we will meet on the road. To no surprise, what do you experience when you go out that day driving in the snow? You meet up with idiots!

The same law applies with paranormal energy. You watch a paranormal show, it freaks you out a little. That night you think you hear or feel something out of the ordinary. Once your thoughts start moving toward thinking things may be paranormal, you begin to manifest more similar thoughts with fear, a key emotional trigger. What happens is you actual create real paranormal phenomenon, because you manifest so much thought and emotional energy around the subject.

The law of manifestation works hand in hand with the law of attraction. You are drawing those thoughts, which in turn attract more of the same. Once you manifest a bunch of thoughts of idiot drivers, the universe attracts idiot drivers to you. Once you manifest paranormal thoughts, the universe will attract paranormal experiences to you. This should give you an indication of why it is these two universal laws come together in again attracting paranormal energies.

Though a house has been cleared, the person who originally was sending out an emotional upset and attracting thoughts into the universe is again generating a return of these paranormal energies. That must stop. Those thoughts and emotions act like beacons. Ever wonder why some people keep finding themselves in the same type of relationship? You need to change the message of the beacon you are broadcasting into the universe, if you want a different result.

What finally stops the extreme paranormal experiences from returning is the changing of the beacon’s message. In The Spiritual Psychic, my first book, I share four true stories demonstrating how our thoughts and emotions works like beacons, sending out energy into the universe and attracting more of the same. Once done, a good spiritual group can help clear out the energy and it will not return. Once the originator of the problem changes his/her message he/she is literally locking the door against reoccurrences.

But what about properties where, no matter the effort, ghostly experience happen again and again? Examples are Gettysburg Battlefield, PA, Eastern State Penitentiary in Philadelphia, or the Hotel Monte Vista in Arizona to name a few.

We know a person must change the beacon’s message to change the experience they are having. But how does a property change its experience?

Often it is the communities’ beacons holding a portal open. All the places mentioned above are expected to be haunted, so even if they are cleared, the communities’ agreement of thought keeps the community’s beacon from changing its message and the portal is never closed. It is the desire of the community to continue to experience hauntings.

Another explanation of why, after a clearing of a public place occurs, spirits return, is the site is a portal to help the spirit cross into God’s light. Churches and grave yards are often haunted by spirits seeking assistance. People pray for lost souls at these places, so lost souls are attracted to these locations hoping to find help. Often these souls do get help, someone there has prayed for them. Once the spirits move on, more are attracted to the same location, because it is where help has been received. These locations now become beacons that signal help is available to lost spirits.

Finally, we find that when public places are cleared, yet spirits continue to come, it is because the land’s history needs to be healed to permanently clear the land. Such techniques are needed where murder, torture or other hideous crimes have occurred. This requires special light workers, such as Christine Gurganus and myself who work on “Time Line Clearing,” a subject for another article.

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