The Spiritual Psychic

The Spiritual Psychic
Nora Truscello's #1 best seller teaches you how to safely travel through the metaphysical realms with the protection and grace that comes from Godly love.
About the Book

Learning the simple lessons in this book will help you to develop an awareness of the profound love and goodness that is abundantly available through the psychic realm. After you have the tools to travel safely, there will be nothing stopping you from expanding your consciousness into the spiritual realm.

Publisher: Nora Truscello
Length: 52 Pages
ISBN: 9780996978309

List Price: $5.99
"There is no question that evil exists and can take over the mind and body. It is critically important to take care of yourself and to seek appropriate spiritual help when bizarre events and personality changes occur."
– Norman Shealy, MD, PhD Founder and CEO of the National Institute of Holistic Medicine
"An Essential Protection Guide To Delvers In Spiritual World" If you believe there is a spirit world, that evil exists, ghosts are real, curses can kill, and people inflict upon themselves physical torment, or chronic accidents and plaguing illnesses, then welcome to "The Spiritual Psychic - 4 Necessary Steps For Healers and Light Workers To Protect Against Evil And Demons." Readers will share the experiences of those who unwittingly allowed evil into their body and spirits and why Nora's guide is so vital and relevant. To those especially attuned to the spirit world, this is a must acquisition to their personal libraries. "
– The Philadelphia Public Record
"I have read many books in this same area of interest however I have never taken from them as much useful, everyday info as I have from this book. Loved it, didn't put it down until it was done! Especially loved the 4 steps of protection, I have been practicing them daily and I truly feel more centered. Thanks for a great read!"
– Chris, Amazon Review
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