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Certified Intuitive Heart Instructor | Author | Spiritual Psychic | Reverend

Nora has over 30 years of experience and training in the psychic, spiritual realm. Her expertise has been proven time and time again.  

Intuitive Footprints is what Nora calls the subtle physical sensations you feel on your body. This recording helps you to understand what these feelings are and why it is good to be able to interpret them.

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Intuition a Major Guiding Force. We Make it Easy, Safe & Very Useful.


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The Science of Intuition - About the Book

Intuition is data processing too fast for our conscious mind to comprehend. “The Science of Intuition: How to Access the Inner-Net of Intuitive Knowledge” will guide you through several techniques designed to make intuition an understandable, common and accessible occurrence.When you apply exercises in this book, you’ll be able to retrieve answers about relationships, finances, health, or anything else you can think to ask. The answers are there, ripe for picking, if you follow the instructions on how to plant the seeds, nurture them, and then harvest the fruits of this gift called intuition. The amount of information we have flowing towards us at any given time is immeasurable. The problem is we don’t know how to access all this storehouse in blessings of wealth, love, security, peace,and knowledge. Each of us feels a sense of intuitive information periodically, represented by an energetic signature, which I call our Intuitive Footprint™.This Intuitive Footprint™ is unique to each of us and, is essentially our own personal language of intuition.

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