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The Spiritual Psychic 4 Necessary Steps

The Spiritual Psychic- Will allow you to safely expand your consciousness from the physical world into the spiritual one with the protective armor of prayer. Provides insight into the power of prayer and its effects on the chakras and energy systems Teaches you the unknown is not dangerous. But evil plants many mine fields. Explains psychic phenomena, such as sensing the presence of the dead, is normal and you’re not alone or crazy!

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The Science of Intuition

Intuition is data processing too fast for our conscious mind to comprehend. The amount of information we have flowing towards us at any given time is immeasurable. The problem is we don’t know how to access all this storehouse in blessings of wealth, love, security, peace,and knowledge. Each of us feels a sense of intuitive information periodically, represented by an energetic signature, which I call our Intuitive Footprint™. This Intuitive Footprint™ is unique to each of us and, is essentially our own personal language of intuition.

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Nora Truscello

Certified Intuitive Heart Instructor | Author | Spiritual Psychic | Reverend
Nora has over 25 years of experience and training in the psychic, spiritual realm. Her expertise has been proven time and time again.

Christine Gurganus

Spiritual Psychic Medium | World Renown
World Renown Spiritual Psychic Mediums. To schedule readings or clearings call Chris directly at 856-534-9715

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